Why Is Your Golden Retrievers Nose Turning Brown?

Why Is Your Golden Retrievers Nose Turning Brown

Owing to the appealing body structures and attribute of the Golden Retrievers, they are the most popular dog breeds in the USA. Moreover, after you bring a Golden Retriever home, you want a happy and peaceful life with your pet. However, a Golden Retriever is susceptible to many health issues. Thus, if your Golden Retrievers’ nose turning brown, it indicates health problems.

Generally, there are many reasons why your Golden Retrievers nose is turning brown. And those causes include skin conditions, age, chemical reaction, dehydration, and climatic condition. Furthermore, sometimes diseases like vitiligo, cancer, allergies, and immune disorders can also make the nose of your Golden Retriever brown.

Although the Golden Retrievers have cute black noses, the change of nose color is natural due to age and climate. So, you probably do not need to worry much when your Golden Retrievers nose is turning brown. However, the change of color above a specific limit may be fatal.

Do your Golden Retriever show color change in different weather?

How long color change of the nose lasts?

Your Golden Retrievers Nose Is Turning Brown. Is It Serious?

Moreover, the AKC terms the chocolate or brown pigmentation of the nose in the dogs as Dudley Nose. Generally, if your pet has Dudley’s nose, it loses all the pigmentation on the nose or eye rims. Also, all the areas around the nose are pink than black.

However, this condition is due to genetics. So, you cannot control it. Moreover, the change in nose color is natural in some weather or after a certain age. Thus, it needs no worrying.

But if your pet shows the following signs along with a brown nose, it is fatal. Therefore, you should be conscious. The indication of more fatal health problems is:

  • Crust formation
  • Inflammation
  • Hyperkeratosis
  • Serous, mucopurulent, or hemorrhagic discharge
  • Frequent sneezing
  • Your dog does not allow you to touch his nose.
  • Suddenly, your family-friendly pet start showing aggressive behavior.

Is your dog showing these symptoms?

If yes, then visit the Vet immediately for treatment.

After, you are familiar with the fatal signs that indicate health issues when your Golden Retrievers nose is turning brown.

You would want to know the reason behind the brown nose of your pet, do not you?

Therefore, let us dig into the reasons behind the color change of the nose.

Why Is My Golden Retrievers Nose Turning Brown?

Don’t you think the black and cute nose of your pet is adorable? However, the color of the nose is not prominent and changes. Although the change is not a big issue, sometimes it may indicate a health hazard.

Since Golden Retriever is the best family dog, you cannot afford to lose them. Thus, you should be cautious. So, do not forget to check the nose, ears, and paws of your pet every time you brush or bathe them.

More to this, here are some reasons why your Golden Retrievers Nose Turns Brown:

Your Golden Retrievers Nose Is Brown Due To Its Licking Habit

The Golden Retrievers are the best playing companion for kids. The kids also enjoy their licking habit. But the licking is not safe for kids and dog both.

Moreover, frequent and excessive licking of the nose makes the nose of your pet dry. As a result, the nose loses its pigmentation. Thus, your Golden Retrievers nose becomes brown. Besides this, excessive licking also promotes various skin problems in the nose.

Cold Temperature Makes Your Golden Retrievers Nose Brown

However, a change of nose color in winter is natural. Moreover, the accepted theory for this change during winter is due to the degradation of the Tyrosinase enzyme.

Generally, the tyrosinase enzyme produces melanin. And this melanin is responsible for the pigmentation of the skin. But due to the degradation of Tyrosinase in winter, the skin coat of your pet loses its pigment. Therefore, your Golden Retrievers nose turns brown due to depigmentation.

Do not worry if the nose of your pet is brown in winter. It is natural and resolves automatically.

Your Golden Retrievers Nose Turns Brown With Age

As your dog grows older, the physiology of the pet becomes weaker. Therefore, your pet fails to produce adequate enzymes to retain its skin pigments. Furthermore, after a certain age (i.e., after two years), your pet starts graying.

Thus, due to graying, its skin coat and nose color fade gradually. As a result, your Golden Retrievers nose becomes lighter or brown with age.

Vitiligo Makes Your Golden Retrievers Nose Brown

Like humans, vitiligo is a peculiar pigmentation issue in the skin coat of dogs. Generally, this auto-immune disease causes depigmentation of the skin coat.

And since the depigmentation is not specified in the skin, the color of the nose also fades. Thus, your Golden Retrievers nose becomes brown.

Your Golden Retrievers Nose May Be Brown Due To Immune disorders.

Apart from vitiligo, the Golden Retrievers are susceptible to several other immune disorders. And the effect of these diseases is first seen in the nose of your pet.

Therefore, your Golden Retrievers’ nose may turn brown due to various disorders of the immune system. So, you must seek suggestions from the Vet as soon as possible.

Skin conditions

Since Golden Retrievers are active dog breeds, they play throughout the day. Thus, they bring several bacteria, germs, and allergens with them in their thick skin coat.

Moreover, heat, lack of humidity, and various infections deteriorate the skin of your pet. As a result, the nose color also fades with the skin. Therefore, your Golden Retrievers nose turns brown.

Generally, the most common causes of skin disorders are:

Cancer Leads To Your Golden Retrievers Brown Nose

Like humans, cancer changes the physiology of the pet. Furthermore, since the nose of your Golden Retriever does not have fur, you can see the first signs of cancer in the nose.

More this, as Golden Retrievers spend more time playing outdoor, UV radiation can affect them. Therefore, a nasal tumor develops that causes nose discoloration.

However, cancer is a fatal health issue. Thus, you should consult with your Vet immediately when you see such symptoms in your pet.


Since the Golden Retriever is more exposed to the sun, it is prone to dehydration. As a result, the skin of your pet becomes dry, pale, tacky, and tears. Furthermore, lack of moisture in the skin promotes allergies and skin problems.

Therefore, the pigmentation of the skin gradually declines. So, your Golden Retrievers nose turns brown.

Your Golden Retrievers Nose Is Brown Due To Reaction Of Chemicals

Although Golden Retrievers have thick skin coats, their skin is sensitive. Therefore, the various chemicals that you use in the household can harm your pet. Such as the hydroquinone of bleaching products, chemicals of plastic dishes, etc.

When your pet comes in contact with these chemicals, they deteriorate the natural pigment of the skin. As a result, the skin and nose color of your pet fade. And it makes your Golden Retrievers nose brown.

Are you also facing the problem of the brown nose of your pet?

What are you doing to manage it?

What Should You Do When Your Golden Retrievers Nose Turns Brown?

Though sometimes your Golden Retrievers nose turns brown naturally. Yet, if the discoloration is extending from the limit, you must be cautious because it may be an indication of a fatal health issue that needs management and treatment.

However, you can follow the following ideas when your Golden Retrievers Nose becomes brown:

Constant Supervision Of Your Golden Retrievers Brown Nose

If your Golden Retrievers nose is brown, you should constantly supervise it. Moreover, you can take notes of the situation and observe the limit of discoloration.

When was your Golden Retrievers nose brown? If it is in winter, it is natural.

How long did it last? The nose of your pet should retain its original color when the weather normalizes.

Removal Of Allergens

Owing to the playful nature and thick skin coat of your Golden Retriever, it is prone to allergies. Thus, observe it. However, if the discoloration is sudden and excessive with itching, scratching and redness, it is possibly due to allergies.

Therefore, you should brush and give a bath to your pet. Besides this, avoid plastic utensils while giving food and remove chemicals (detergents, cleaners, deodorizers, etc.).

Use Soothing Agents

Sometimes your Golden Retrievers nose becomes brown due to drying out and skin conditions. Thus, use sunscreen and soothing agents. Since sunscreen protects the skin coat of your pet from harmful UV rays, it prevents several skin problems that lead to discoloration.

Besides this, the soothing agents moisturize the dry skin and make the skin coat of your pet smooth. Therefore, these agents prevent further fatal health issues.

Look For Other Symptoms

Generally, the brown nose of the Golden retriever resolves after you eliminate the allergens. However, if your pet still has a brown nose even after removing the allergens, it indicates health issues.

So, look for other symptoms before you consult the professionals. Further, those symptoms that may indicate fatal diseases are:

  • Fever
  • Dry eye
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

These symptoms show the possibility of ear infections, discoid lupus erythematosus, pemphigus, or nasal hyperkeratosis.

Consult With the Vet

If your pet starts showing symptoms indicating a serious health condition, you must visit the Vet immediately. Since the Vet has more knowledge about these issues, his suggestions promote the healthy lifespan of your pet.

Furthermore, you can take advice about the diet of your pet from the Vet. Thus, it helps in eliminating gastrointestinal problems and eating disorders of your Golden Retriever.

I know you will get several suggestions from various individuals.

Will all these suggestions work?

However, some of them may be helpful. But some can degrade the health of your pet instead of managing the issue.

So, you may be wondering what to use or what not to use?

What Can You Use To Prevent Your Golden Retrievers Nose From Turning Brown?

Sometimes your Golden Retrievers nose may be turning brown due to allergies, windburn, or sunburn. Further, the prominent indication of skin conditions in your pet is chapping and dryness of the skin coat. Thus, you can use some household ingredients to solve this issue.

Hence, the most common household ingredients that you can use for your pet are:

Shea butter

Similar to humans, shea butter can soften the dry skin coat of your pet. Besides this, it is helpful to ease the crusty nose of your Golden Retriever.

Thus, a small about of shea butter is safe and beneficial for soothing the nose of your pet. And it prevents further skin complications after your Golden Retrievers nose turns brown.

Olive oil

Massaging your pet frequently with olive oil smoothens the dry and chapped skin. Thus, it promotes a healthy skin coat of your Golden Retriever.

Besides this, a teaspoon of olive oil in the meal help in the production of essential oil. Therefore, it nourishes the skin and nose of your pet.

Castor oil

Since castor oil contains 90% ricinolein, it has healing properties. Thus, it can soothe dry and irritated skin by smoothing it. However, as the castor has laxative property, you must prevent your Golden Retriever from licking the oil.

Almont oil

Generally, almond oils are a highly effective skin softener and conditioner. And its absorbing property is helpful for a pet that has frequent licking habits.

Moreover, almond oil contains several fatty acids and minerals that resolve the irritating skin problems of your Golden Retriever.

Coconut oil

Owing to the appealing advantages of Coconut oil, soothing balms mostly use it as a main ingredient. Moreover, the oil restores the moisture in the skin of your pet. Thus, it enhances the elasticity of the skin coat.

Besides this, the vitamins present in coconut oil promote the production of essential oil in your pet. Therefore, the use of coconut oil in meals and massaging with the oil is beneficial for your pet.

Which oil do you use for massaging your pet?

Does your pet enjoy the massages?

What Cannot You Use When Your Golden Retrievers Nose Is Brown?

Since the physiology of the Golden Retriever is different from humans, the agents beneficial in resolving the dry skin may not be helpful for your pet. Hence, some of these agents are:


Although Neosporin is effective in killing different bacteria, its use in the nose of dogs is fatal. Since the Golden Retrievers have a licking habit, they may ingest the Neosporin applied to the nose.

And the Neosporin may deteriorate the healthy gut bacteria of your pet. As a result, your pet may suffer from GI upset, vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation.

Baby Oil

Although baby oil is safe, it is not so preferable. Since the oil contains several chemicals for imparting fragrance, these chemicals are not beneficial for the pet. Furthermore, the chemical hampers the digestive system of your pet.

As a result, your pet may suffer from various gastrointestinal problems. Therefore, you should use it only in the areas where your pet cannot lick.


Generally, Vaseline helps to moisturize the chapped skin of humans. This petroleum jelly product clogs to the skin pores. Instead of soothing the dry nose, it exacerbates the skin problems of your pet. Furthermore, if your Golden Retriever licks or inhales the Vaseline, it may cause lipoidal pneumonia in your pet.

Are you using these products for your pet?

If you are, stop it immediately.

Since a pet is the most loyal buddy, you would want to live a happier and longer life with your Golden Retriever. Therefore, you must be cautious while caring for your pet. Your ignorance hampers the health of your buddy. So, keep it in mind.

I hope these ideas were helpful for you.

Do you have more tips to add?

If you do, please share your suggestions in the comment section below.

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