Do Golden Retrievers Attack Children?

Do Golden Retrievers Attack Children?

Owing to the energetic and playful attributes of the Golden Retrievers, they are the best companion for kids. Along with this, their charismatic aura lures the heart of everyone that makes the Golden Retrievers 4th most common dog breed in the USA. Undoubtedly, the generosity, attitude, and calm personality of Golden Retrievers make them fit in every family. Yet, child safety is always an issue with questions like; do Golden Retrievers attack children?

However, the generous and calm attitude of the Golden Retrievers doesn’t claim that they will never harm the kids. Both kids and Golden Retriever are equally active and mischievous. Therefore, it may lead to the destructive behavior of the pet sometimes. Furthermore, there a language barrier between the kids and the Golden Retriever that results in miscommunication. Thus, Golden Retrievers attack children. 

I will disclose some reasons why do Golden Retrievers attack children in the latter portion of this article. Before that, let us focus on the Golden Retriever and Children.

Do Golden Retrievers Attack Kids?

The sweet and playful nature of the Golden Retrievers matches perfectly with kids. So, the dogs instantly become a part of the family. Though they behave softly and gently with the babies and toddlers, they can sometimes be competitive and rough with older kids.

Summing up, even if there are only a few cases of the Golden Retrievers attacking kids, we cannot ignore the fact that the dogs have the potential of harming. Therefore, you need to supervise the kids and Golden Retriever while they play.

Do Golden Retrievers Attack Babies?

Because of the gentle and loving nature of the Golden Retrievers, they are great with babies. And, due to the calm attribute of babies, there are minimum chances that the Golden Retrievers would attack babies.

However, the Golden Retrievers have a habit of licking the face of their favorite person. But their mouth could contain various germs and bacteria. Therefore, you should supervise your pet more carefully around babies.

Do Golden Retrievers Attack Toddlers?

The Golden Retriever and the toddler have an equivalent level of energy. Therefore, they are perfect playing companions. However, toddlers are curious and like touching any and everything around them. And, there are high chances that the toddlers could grab, step, and trip over the dogs and annoy them.

As a result of which, the Retrievers may feel mistreated and gets aggressive. Thus, the dogs may attack the toddler in self-defense.

Do Golden Retrievers Attack Older Children?

The older children are more energetic. Thus, they can play with the Retrievers all day long. Besides playing, they both cuddle together, runs around the house, and play games.

However, despite the strong bonding between the dog and the child, both become competitive while playing. And, the Golden Retriever is a way of proving superiority may attack the child.

Do you fear that your Golden Retriever may attack the kid?

Do you know why Golden Retriever attacks the kids? We will be discussing the reasons further in this article.

Why Do Golden Retrievers Attack Children?

Generally, the Golden Retrievers do not show their aggression and remain calm. However, there are many reasons for the aggressive behavior of your Golden Retriever. And similarly, various reasons provoke the Golden Retrievers to attack children.

Some of such reasons are;

Language Barrier Causes Golden Retrievers To Attack Children

The Golden Retrievers show various signs when they are about to attack. But, since the children fail to recognize these signs due to lack of knowledge and language barrier, the dogs attack the children.

The children do not get the hint that bare teeth and growl denote back off, stiff posture, and curling of lips with fierce growl are signs of danger, etc. Thus, the children continue to play with the Retriever that makes the dog irritate and impatient. It eventually provokes the Golden Retriever to attack the children.

Common warning signs that the Golden Retrievers gives before attacking are:

  • Intense and stiff look
  • Direct contact in eyes
  • Tightly closed lips
  • Erected ears
  • Stiff and side-by-side movement of the tail
  • Growling and barking
  • Showing of teeth

Golden Retrievers Attack Children Due To Lack Of Training

Training plays a vital role in managing the behavior of the Golden Retriever. A well-trained pet is obedient and follows every command. But lack of proper training makes the pet aggressive and violent. Thus, improper training is also one of the reasons for the attack.

Besides disciplining the dog, training sessions also utilize the excess energy of Golden Retriever in positive works like health assistance, diabetic assistance, blood pressure assistance, etc. On the other hand, untrained dogs are impatient and behave destructively. Thus, they are more susceptible to attack children.

Golden Retrievers Attack Children Due To Inadequate Food And Nutrition

The Golden Retrievers love food. Thus, when they do not get their food in time and in sufficient quantity, they become impatient. As a result, the Retrievers attack the person near them.

Besides this, the dogs also hate it when someone plays with their food and treats. But since the children are mischievous and curious so they may touch the food of the Retriever. Eventually, this irritates and provokes the dog to attack the children.

Sickness And Diseases Causes Golden Retrievers To Attack Children

The Golden Retriever is vulnerable when they are sick, so they try to protect themselves from the exterior by showing defensive actions. Thus, when children approach a sick dog, they may symbolize the children as a threat and attack them to protect themself.

However, owners can prevent this type of attack by symbolizing that their pet is ill through dog bandanas and collars.

Curiosity And Mischievousness Of Children Cause Golden Retrievers To Attack The Children

Children are very energetic and curious. And, they can sometimes act mischievously. As a result of their curiosity, the children grab, pull, step, or trip over the Golden Retrievers.

All these activities irritate the Golden Retrievers which the dogs recognize these activities as a threat or mistreatment. And, the Golden Retrievers attack the children to defend themselves.

Did you know these causes earlier?

Do you think the knowledge about these causes will be helpful for you?

After focusing on the causes of the attack, let me disclose the various ways to prevent the attack.

How To Prevent Golden Retrievers Attacks In Children?

The most common situation when the Golden Retrievers attack the children is while they are playing. Therefore, the children and Golden Retrievers need proper supervision while playing. There are some ways to prevent the attack, they are;

Proper Supervision While Playing

However, the children and dog have different body languages. Also, the notations of danger for both of them are not the same. And, this language barrier leads to attack.

But you can manage and prevent the dangerous situation by supervising and analyzing the body language of the Retrievers. As soon as you recognize the sign of danger, you must:

  • Stop the child from rolling on the ground
  • Command the dog to back off
  • End the game
  • Give your pet time to relax

Encourage The Child To Maintain A Standing Position

Golden Retriever is a large dog breed recognizing rolling on the ground as a challenge. Therefore, you must encourage the children to remain in a standing position for safety. If the dog is unfamiliar, you must teach the child to maintain six feet distance at first and slowly reduce the distance between them.

However, you should move the child away from the Golden Retriever if it gets too excited while playing.

Keep the Game Short

While playing, the Golden Retriever grows more and more competitively with time. Therefore, the dog gets sillier and aggressive in long games. Thus, you should keep the game short, which should last for few minutes only to prevent over-excitement and attack.

Stop The Game When The Golden Retriever Gets Excited

The Golden Retriever becomes so involved in the game that it loses its temperament and becomes over-excited after some time. And, the over-excitement may further lead to impatience and aggression.

Therefore, it will be less troublesome and safe if you end the game as soon as you feel your Golden Retriever is overly excited.

Give Proper Training

A well-trained Golden Retriever is easier to manage and control since they follow all the orders and commands. Furthermore, intense training reduces the excess energy of the dog. Thus, there will be lesser chances of the Retriever being excited while playing.

All these factors can help to calm the Golden Retriever and prevents the attack.

Nutritious Food And Natural Snacks

Food is essential for the mental and physical development of the Golden Retriever. Providing your pet with a nutritious diet and healthy natural snacks keeps it away from health issues and diseases. Thus, it maintains the calm, friendly, and generous temperament of the Retriever.

Furthermore, if you encourage children to give your dog his food, it strengthens the bond between your child and pet. And eventually, reduces the chances of attack.

Teaching The Children About The Signs And Body Language

Although it is impossible to teach babies and toddlers about the signs, you can teach them to older children. After the children learn the various warning signs, they can determine when to continue playing or back off. Thus, it will reduce the probability of attack by the Golden Retriever.

What Are The Rules To Follow To Prevent Golden Retriever Attack In Children?

The only rule for the adults to prevent Golden Retriever attacks in Children is regular supervision of the children and the pet while playing. However, you can teach the children the rules and encourage them to follow those rules. It reduces the chance of attack.

Such rules are:

  • Do not pull the tail ears, paws of the Golden Retriever
  • Avoid hugs unless the dog is seeking attention
  • Do not allow the pet to lick the face of your child
  • Avoid playing chasing games
  • Keep the sound low and avoid screaming or shouting around the pet

After discussing the rules, let us deal with the best and safe games for Golden Retriever and children.

What Are The Safe Games Between The Golden Retriever And Children?

The Golden Retrievers are best in fetching and retrieving. Thus, the best exercise mind and body and increasing the bond with the children is through fetching and retrieving. However, the pet needs some basic training to play this game.

Therefore, other safer alternatives of games are:

You can choose the game that best suits the pet and your child.

Do you think kids can learn from the pet?

Let us see can they or not!

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Golden Retriever For Kids?

Though the Golden Retriever and kids have similar nature, the child can learn different attributes from the pet. So, a Golden Retriever in the house is beneficial to the kids. Some of the advantages are:

  • Golden Retriever is a perfect companion for keeping secret and playing
  • The pet teaches the kids how to love and care for others.
  • Golden Retriever makes your child active and helps in socializing.
  • According to research, kids that grow around animals have a lower chance of auto-immune response.

Do you still fear that the Golden Retriever may harm your child?

You can see the article (How to play with Golden Retriever safely- kids special) for the safety of your child while playing with the pet.

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