Why Do Your Golden Retriever Sleep On Its Back?

Why Do Your Golden Retriever Sleep On Its Back?

Owing to the energetic and intelligent attribute of the Golden Retriever, it is famous throughout the USA. Further, this dog breed is a mixture of sweetness and cuteness that steals the attention of everyone. Moreover, the pet shows several cute behaviors that make it more appealing like, sleeping in its back. But have you ever thought- why do Golden Retriever sleep on its back?

Do you think your pet looks cute when it sleeps on its back? But I guess you may not know there are many reasons why the Golden Retriever may sleep on its back. And some of them are fear, comfort, attention, submission, and feeling of security. Along with this, sometimes the pet is trying to cool itself by laying on its back.

Furthermore, sleeping in the back is a vulnerable position. And the Golden Retriever may be aggressive if you try to touch your pal while sleeping in its back. So, until you know the reason why your pet is sleeping in its back, stay away.

Undoubtedly, I will share the causes of laying in back further in the article. Before that, I think you should be familiar with the sleep schedule of the Golden Retriever.

How Much Sleep Does Your Golden Retriever?

On average, an adult Golden Retriever needs about 12 to 14 hours of sleep daily. But this can differ according to the age, training intensity, and nature of your pet. Further, many veterinarians suggest that your Golden Retriever gets sound sleep between 9:00 PM to 6:00 AM.

Along with this, your pet also needs short afternoon naps to rejuvenate its energy. Sometimes your pet may also sleep for more than 20 hours. However, if the sleep pattern of your Golden Retriever is unusual (too much or too little sleep), you should consult with the Vet.

Since lack of sleep makes your pet, try to schedule the sleeping pattern of your pet. Besides this, too much sleeping indicates lethargy and health issues. Thus, observation of sleep patterns and habits of your Golden Retriever is essential.

How long does your pet sleep?

Is there any change in the sleep pattern of your Golden Retriever recently?

Golden Retriever Sleep Habits

Like humans, the sleep habits of the Golden Retriever are also of two types. And they are:

Daytime Sleeping Habit Of The Golden Retriever

Generally, the Golden Retriever puppy sleeps more in the day than the adults. Since the puppy is in a growing phase, it sleeps a lot. But the adult Golden Retriever only takes power naps to rejuvenate its energy.

However, if you find your Golden Retriever puppy sleeping every hour, do not worry because it needs the sleep time to process the learned information.

Nighttime Sleeping Habit Of The Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a family dog that has a sleep pattern similar to humans. Thus, it gets the best sleep between nine in the night to six in the morning.

But during the initial days in the house, your Golden Retriever may be restless. So. It may sleep less due to insecurity. However, once the pet gets familiar with the surrounding, it sleeps for 10 hours at night.

Moreover, if your Golden Retriever is not sleeping enough, you can make a sleep schedule for your pal.

Do you have a sleep schedule for your pet?

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Why Do Your Golden Retriever Sleep On Its Back?

There are several sleeping positions of the Golden Retriever. You will know all those in brief further in the article. But sleeping in its back is one of the most common positions of your pet that suggests several things.

golden retriever sleeping

However, some of the reasons why Golden Retrievers may sleep in its back are:

Golden Retriever May Sleep On Its Back For Comfort

All the muscles of the Golden Retriever relax when it lays in its back. Thus, the pet feels comfortable laying back.

And, when the thick fur of the pet touches the colder surface, it feels rejuvenated. So, the Golden Retriever may sleep on its back in search of comfort.

Golden Retriever Sleep On Its Back Due To Fear

Since the Golden Retriever does not have a specific language to communicate with the owner, it communicates through body language. And sometimes, the Golden Retriever may sleep on its back due to fear.

In addition, the pet may roll over its back repeatedly that suggests your pal is afraid. After you receive the sign of phobia from your pet, you should immediately seek help from professionals.

Golden Retriever Sleep On Its Back To Cool

Golden Retriever has a double-layered coat with thick fur. Thus, the heat generation in its body is excessive. And if you live in a hotter region, your poor friend may get too heated.

Therefore, the Golden Retriever sleeps on its back to expose its stomach and paws. Since the stomach region has less fur, it helps to cool the pet. Besides this, the sweat glands in the pad of your buddy contribute to cooling the body of your pal.

Above all, the floor surface is comparatively colder. Thus, the Golden Retriever may sleep on its back on the cool floor to cool itself.

When The Golden Retriever Feels Secure, It Will Sleep On Its Back

According to research studies, when Golden Retriever sleeps on its back, it takes the pet longer to respond to the threat. Thus, the Golden Retriever may sleep on its back when it feels secure and safe.

Furthermore, if the owners have a strong bond with the pets, their pets feel safe around them. As a result, the Golden Retrievers roll in their back to show their trust towards their owner.

Golden Retriever Sleep On Its Back For Attention

Since Golden Retrievers are fond of people, it continuously turns to gain the attention of people. Furthermore, the pet may try several tricks to regain the attention of its busy owner. And among various other attempts, sleeping in its back remains the most common one.

Besides this, the Golden Retriever may sleep on its back to invite the playing companion for games.

Golden Retriever Sleep On Its Back To Prevent Touch

Generally, the Golden Retrievers that have phobias sleep in their back. Apart from sleeping in the back, the dogs with phobias prefer being alone in a quieter place.

Besides this, the pet suffering from health issues like cancer, ear infectionthyroid disorders, etc., is under immense pain. So, it lays on its back to ease its pain.

If your pet shows such symptoms, you should discuss with an animal behaviorist about this issue. Otherwise, your pal may harm itself or others.

Golden Retriever Sleep On Its Back In Submission

Golden Retrievers are very competitive. And besides this, they love playing. Thus, when the Golden Retriever challenges other pets, it will sleep on its back to show that it is in control.

Furthermore, if your pet is lying on its back near you, it means that the pet trusts you and will do anything for your love and care.

Apart from this, the Golden Retriever has various other sleeping positions.

Do you know them?

What Are Sleeping Positions Of Your Golden Retriever?

Like humans, the Golden Retriever also has several sleeping positions. But the sleeping position and its meaning differ drastically from the humans.

However, some of the sleep positions of the Golden Retriever with its meaning are as follows:

Curly Sue

Generally, the Golden Retriever sleeps in the curly sue position when it is cold. In this position, the pet protects the belly to avoid the escape of heat. Moreover, this is the most common sleeping position of joyful, happy, and relaxed pets.

Belly Curl

When the pet curls enough to hide its belly, the position is belly curl. However, this is not an ideal sleeping position for the Golden Retriever. Since the pet sleeping in this position cannot get deep sleep, it gets cranky after sleep.

Besides this, the belly curl position also suggests your pet might be suffering from gastrointestinal problems like bloating or constipation.


Since the Golden Retriever is an energetic dog breed, it most commonly sleeps in the superman position. The pet sleeping in this position has its back limbs behind the body with front legs stretched forward. Along with this, the belly of the dog rests on the floor.

Moreover, when the pet feels tired, it sleeps in this position. Yet, the dogs are alert in this position. And they can run to play as soon as the opportunity arrives.

Crazy Legs

In this position, the Golden Retriever sleeps in the back with all limbs stretched upward. According to researchers, since the stomach is open, the dog sleeping in this position is submissive and vulnerable.

Besides this, the position indicates that the pet is safe and comfortable.


The dogs that sleep with other animals or humans enjoy sleeping in back-to-back positions. In this position, the Golden Retriever may rest its back in the back of its sleeping partner. Further, the dogs that sleep in this position are intimate, trusting, and affectionate.

Side Sleeping

The slide sleeping position is most common in the puppies and older Golden Retrievers suffering from joint issues. In this position, the pet lies with its legs extending in one side.

And the pet sleeping in this position suggests that the dog is feeling safe and relaxed. Furthermore, the dog that lies on the side is trusting and loyal.

Passed Out

The belly and paws of the pet sleeping in the passed-out position are upward. Since the belly reason contains less fur, the pet lies in this position to cool itself. Besides this, the sweat glands present in the paws also help in cooling.

Lion’s Pose

Since this position replicates the pose of the lion, it is the lion’s pose. In this position, the Golden Retriever sleeps with its head on the top of the front paws. Although this is a resting position, the pet may jump to play anytime.

Moreover, the Golden Retriever that sleeps in this position is protective and devoted.


In this position, the Golden Retriever curls up in a ball. So, it has all its limbs and the tail close to the body. Generally, the Golden Retriever may sleep in this position during winter to preserve body heat.

Apart from this, sleeping in this position gives a sense of protection and assurance to the pet. Thus, the Golden Retriever may also sleep in this position when it is anxious and nervous.


When the pet sleeps under the pillow, clothes, or blankets, it is in a burrower position. And the Golden Retriever that wants comfort and security sleeps in this position. Besides this, the pet needs lots of attention, love, and affection to fall asleep.


The Golden Retriever that sleeps in this position curls up with another pet or the toys. And the pets that prefer sleeping in this position are loving, generous, and friendly.

Cold Surface

Since the Golden Retriever has a double-layered skin coat, it cannot tolerate extreme it. Thus, when the pet needs to cool down, it searches the cold surface around the house. And sleep on it.

However, if you notice your pet sleeping near the refrigerator, you should know that your pal is hot.

Raised Head And Neck

The Golden Retriever sleeps with a rising head and neck when it has a breathing problem. Furthermore, it suggests chronic heart diseases and fatal health issues in dogs.

Therefore, if your pet sleeps like this, visit the Vet with your pet for a health checkup.

Belly Up

When the Golden Retriever is lying in the back with its belly and legs upward, it means your pet feels relaxed with you and is trying to cool its body.

Generally, the Golden Retriever that sleeps in this position is loving and trusting.

What Are The Sleeping Patterns Of Your Golden Retriever?

Though it sounds unbelievable, the Golden Retrievers also has several sleeping patterns. And they are:


Like humans, some Golden Retriever snores in sleep. However, snoring suggests breathing problems in the pet.

Thus, if your Golden Retriever is repeatedly snoring in recent days, you should seek help from the Vet.


The Golden Retriever also has dreams related to the activities of the day similar to the humans. However, since the Golden Retriever cannot discuss what it sees through verbal communication, most people assume the pet follows the daily activities in its dream.


Generally, the wolves circle and dig down to remove the leaves before sleeping. And since the ancestors of the Golden Retriever are wolve, the pet inherits some natures of wolve. And circling or digging down before sleep is one of those nature.


The running pattern is due to the response to the dream your pet is having. During this pattern, the limbs of your Golden Retriever start to move when it is in sleep.

In addition, the pet that sleeps on the side will show a running sleep pattern more often.


Squeaking or barking is usual in sleep. Since barking is the ultimate defense response of the Golden Retriever, the pet may bark while dreaming about attacks. Therefore, you should not worry about it.

However, if the barking is excessive, you must ask for suggestions from the professionals.


While the dogs move between sleep stages, the Golden Retrievers start twitching. Moreover, twitching is natural and does not indicate a threat. When it switches the stages of sleep, a normal healthy pet also starts to twitch.

What Are The Sleeping Tips For Your Golden Retriever?

Like humans, sleep is essential for the physical and mental development of the Golden Retriever. Thus, to ensure a qualitative lifespan of your Golden Retriever, I have some sleeping tips for your pet.

And they are:

  • Make a sleep schedule for your Golden Retriever. And follow it.
  • Give a proper nutritious meal to your pet with natural snacks as treats.
  • Arrange a comfortable sleeping crate for your pet.
  • Keep soft blankets and toys in the crate.
  • After you bring a pet home, sleep near the pet for few weeks.
  • Maintain a peaceful sleeping environment.

I hope all these tips were helpful for you.

If you have suggestions, please share them in the comment section.

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