Why Is Your Golden Retrievers Nose Turning Brown?

Why Is Your Golden Retrievers Nose Turning Brown

Owing to the appealing body structures and attribute of the Golden Retrievers, they are the most popular dog breeds in the USA. Moreover, after you bring a Golden Retriever home, you want a happy and peaceful life with your pet. However, a Golden Retriever is susceptible to many health issues. Thus, if your Golden Retrievers’ nose … Read more

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Limping?

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Limping?

Owing to the beautiful body structures and attributes of Golden Retriever can steal every heart that makes them the best family dog. But since owning a Golden Retriever includes a lot of responsibility, being a parent is not as easy as it seems. Generally, these dog breeds are susceptible to various health issues, and limping is … Read more

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Always Hungry?

Why Is Your Golden Retriever Always Hungry?

Though the immense popularity of Golden Retrievers overshadows their crazy food obsession, owners cannot deny their pets’ love for food. Along with this, the family-friendly and playful attributes of the dogs somehow manage to please their owners to give them excess food. However, sometimes the appetite of your pet increases to an unmanageable extend. So, you may wonder- why your … Read more

10 Reasons Why Your Golden Retriever Is Not Eating? What Can You Do

Reasons Why Your Golden Retriever Is Not Eating

Owing to the enthusiastic and playful attributes of Golden Retrievers, they are the best for the family and the kids. However, the Golden Retriever may lose its charm and energy when it stops eating. And as an owner, you want to know why your Golden Retriever is not eating. Moreover, there may be many reasons why your Golden Retriever … Read more

Why Is Your Golden Retrievers Nose Pink?

Why Is Your Golden Retrievers Nose Pink?

After you bring a Golden Retriever home, the pet becomes part of your family and the perfect companion for your kids and family members. However, due to the different physiology of the Retrievers from humans, you may not know about their health issues from the symptoms they show. Being sensitive, they are highly susceptible to diseases and, … Read more

How To Clean Your Golden Retriever’s Ears At Home?

How To Clean The Ears Of Your Golden Retriever?

The Golden Retrievers are beautiful dogs and have appealing body features with dense, long, and smooth skin coats. However, since dust, dirt, and bacteria attach to their hairy skin coat, they are more susceptible to different infections like skin infections, allergies, ear infections, ringworms, bacterial infections, etc. Furthermore, due to the flappy and hairy features of the … Read more

How To Treat Constipation in Golden Retriever: Signs and Treatment Tips

Constipation in Golden Retriever

There is no doubt that the Golden Retrievers are the best dogs for kids and fit perfectly in every family. Despite this, the various health issues in the Golden Retrievers. Such as hip and joint dysplasia, ear infections, diabetes, skin disorders, and many others make the raising process harder for their owners. And, Constipation in Golden Retriever is a common health … Read more

Golden Retriever Ear Infections – Causes and Treatments

Golden Retriever Ear Infections

Although, the Golden Retriever can be your best companion and a perfect family dog. Yet, owning a pet like Golden Retriever is not so easy. The body structure and health status of the Goldens make them prone to many diseases and infections. And, Ear infections of Golden Retriever is one of them. The bacteria, yeast, allergies, and … Read more